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How Can Reiki Heal Me?

Yuleidy Ibeling
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The mystic souls in the more elevated aspects of their expressions are unceasing, looking for ancient forms of energy work, such as an aura reading, chakra balance, energy activation, but today we are bringing this popular healing modality to the scene Reiki.

Rei = Universal Intelligence

Ki = Life Force

Reiki is Healing Modality — Spiritual Practice. Dr. Mikao Usui discovered Reiki in the late 1800s in Japan. Treatments are taught by reiki masters, who have trained in this discipline passed on, in person from the Reiki Master to students. This holistic approach has been used for self — healing and healing others. Reiki is gaining more popularity every day for his benefit in our health. This practice is a safe healing modality with no contraindications, nowadays more well - known by the healers and people that prefer to use a noninvasive holistic approach in their health.

The Reiki Precepts

Just for today, I will not anger.

Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will be grateful.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will be kind to every living being.

What To Expect In Reiki Session

The recipient remains clothed and can be seated in a chair or comfortably lies at a massage table. Reiki practitioners use their hands to transfer energy, moving their hands just over the body without touching the person.

How Reiki Can Help

If you are a spiritual being, you believe that the power of the mind can heal the body, you will fall in love with this healing practice. Reiki helps with pain management perception by healing and treating different illnesses and energy blocks in the body. Reiki allows the healing energy to flow freely through the biofield to the different organ systems which result in relaxation and reduced pain and discomfort in the body. Facilitating the healing process.

Reiki can be practiced on your pets, plants and can be sent to other people for healing.

Conditions That Reiki Has Been Used To Help Treat

. Cancer

. Heart Disease

. Insomnia

. Migraine

. Stress

. Fibromyalgia

. Chronic Pain

. Accelerates the body’s self — healing capacity

. Chronic Illness

. Post Surgery Recovery

. Compliments medical treatments

. Dissolves Energy Blocks

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Created A Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space will help to set the energies, create a spiritual room or corner, enhance and support the healing session. This is the place where you can go and tap into your divine guidance and ground yourself, connect with your soul purpose, and say a prayer, meditate.

Prepare everything you will need to use in your treatment such as candles, incense, burn sage, pendulum, tunic fork, singing bowls, different stones, flowers, essential oils remember this is your space for healing. This space can include everything that resonates with your energy. So honored.

The practice of reiki is a trip you take to get in touch with your energetic body with awareness, taking care of your own energy. You can transmute energy blocks, elevate your energetic field and vibrations to make space for natural healing.

Albert Szent -Gyorgui

Book Recommendation :

Reiki A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles

The Reiki Manual by Penelope Quest

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui



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