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The Most Powerful Way To Raise Your Vibration

If you can transform your vibration you can change any area in your life.

Yuleidy Ibeling
2 min readSep 20, 2021


Every second you’re creating new thoughts. Each one of those thoughts creates a hormonal reaction cascading into a sequence of feelings, interpretations, narratives and responses that are translated into frequencies and vibrations.

When you change your energy state, the predominant vibration in your energy field can be shifted.

Standing waves are forms of energy that are constantly being projected out based on the belief and the perception that is being perceived of the current reality. It is so important to live in the present. It is really easy to fall into the trap of the mind that circles back to recycling thoughts on autopilot.

You can find yourself most of the day blaming things you did or did not do in the past, or things that don’t work out. This is a trick our mind does to us all the time. The only results you get from this are living and performing from low vibration that repeats itself in a vicious cycle. Everything you’re telling yourself will lower your frequency or elevate your vibration.

Easy Way To Raise Your Vibration

. Experience gratitude & appreciation

. Eat Healthily

. Movement allows you to move stagnant energy.

. Change your current environment

. Walk barefoot on the grass to get grounded

. Meditation

. Repeat Positive Affirmations

. Pet a Cat or Dog

. Sleep when you’re tired

. Hug someone or Tree

. Practice Self Reiki

. Spend more time with positive people

. Practice breathing exercise

The Psychology Behind The Emotions

Feeling and emotions are transformed in energy in our body, this energy can be channeled in different ways into stagnant energy, positive or negative, it has been created a conflict with the different organ systems, and the energy field, over time these energies conflict and produce an imbalance causing different disease in the organism.

Do you operate your life with lower vibrational frequencies?

A great way to feel your vibration is by asking yourself how you feel in the present moment.

How To Protect Your Energy?

. A simple way to protect your energy is reacting less.

. Energy likes attention.

. Stay in control.

. Own your power.

“Everything in life is Vibration” — Albert Einstein

What happens when your vibration is high?

The higher your frequency, the better you will feel emotionally, physically, and mentally. Committing to these actions will result in experiencing a better connection with your personal power, love, clarity, awareness, and joy.

Spiritual Talk:

Books I Love:

Power versus Force — David Hawkins

Frequency The power of personal vibration — Penney Peirce

Infinite mind the science of human vibration — Valerie V. Hunt

“As you think. you vibrate, As you vibrate, you attract”. Abraham — Hicks



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