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“Why should you write your book idea? “

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

3 min readJan 21, 2022


As I begin to work on my book, ideas start to fly to my mind like butterflies that flutter in the mornings around my garden when I look for early inspiration to start my day. Everyone should write a book!

Yes! Everyone!

Only two get around to doing it for every hundred people who say they will write a book. People think that writing a book is complex and too complicated or unsuccessful.

That’s why I woke up early today, leaving aside my writing this morning because there is nothing that I can’t forgive if these letters are going to alter the inspiration to encourage you towards to take the first step:

We need a reason to make things happen. If you need to take this article as a signal to jump in your first book’s journey, write these reasons on a piece of paper and repeat it every day to start changing your mindset.

. Opportunity to write about a subject that you like, or you create from your imagination.

. You could contribute to other people’s lives mindfully.

. It is a way of self-realization and connecting with your real emotions.

. It’s a project that may take some time, but that will keep you shaping your skills until you reach your final goal.

. A book will open new doors and horizons in your life and give you tremendous credibility.

. Writing a book is one of the most significant challenges because it allows you to grow personally and spiritually.

. Your first book will mark a before and after in your story.

. You will end up knowing yourself better at the end of writing your book.

. Your work will remain.

“Ideas to create the right environment to start writing your book I call mine.”

Rituals and work habits change from one individual to another, but I thi crucial to have practice when you start thinking about writing, especially if you are a new writer. But this also applies to everyone passionate about the art of letters.

Writers Habits & Rituals

. Set up a schedule for your writing time and take yourself seriously.

. Stay away from distractions, turn off your phone, your tv, and everything that can get in the middle of you and your daily writing.

. Keep water and snacks close to your writing space to avoid getting cut up in the kitchen.

. Light a candle and incense drink some coffee or tea to set the mood.

. Put some tunes that can make you feel inspired.

. Remember why you start writing that will keep your motivation going.

. Listen to a podcast while you’re setting your workspace.

P.S. “You own everything that happened to you.”

Write that book! There will never be a better time than right now!



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